33rd Episode: Mining a healthy essence of work-life Balance with Sandhya Raghunandan

February 09, 2022 Savitha Hosamane & Gunjan Season 1 Episode 33
33rd Episode: Mining a healthy essence of work-life Balance with Sandhya Raghunandan
Show Notes

In today's episode we talk to Sandhya Raghunandan, who is the Director of the Indian Subsidiary of RED GRANITI SpA, Italy. RED GRANITI is an Italian company whose business is centered around extracting, marketing and distributing rough and semi finished marble and granite. 

 Sandhya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. She began her career in the marble and granite (mining) industry soon after graduating in the year 1991 and has spent the last three decades in the industry. 

 Having been associated with an Italian Company for most of her career, Sandhya has a keen interest in the bi-lateral trade relations between India and Italy. She is currently a member of the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and partakes in many of their cultural and trade exchange workshops and programs. 

 Sandhya is a founding member of a not-for-profit organization –‘Snehasampada’ and as a part of this organization she has undertaken many projects such as educating children of prison inmates, provision of toilets at a government primary school in rural Bangalore. She is currently serving as the Chairperson for Girl/ Women Empowerment Projects, Rotary Bangalore, Platinum City. 

 Sandhya is also an author of a book-series for Children which was published in 2020. She is an avid golfer and is a curious traveler who loves to explore diverse cultures and regions of the world.

Reach out to her at 
email : sandhyaraghu70@yahoo.com
Linkedin Sandhya Rahunandan
FB: Sandya Rahu
Instagram : raghusandhya

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