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53rd Episode: Empowering Minds to Build Successful Business with #Satyen Parikh – Founder Team Talent

June 29, 2022 Savitha Hosamane & Gunjan Season 1 Episode 53
Dream 100 Biz show
53rd Episode: Empowering Minds to Build Successful Business with #Satyen Parikh – Founder Team Talent
Show Notes

In this episode we talk to #Mr. Satyen Parikh, founder of #Team Talent and Empowerment Consultants.

 Satyen’s career has equipped him with an arsenal of diverse skills and experiences. He maintains strong belief that every individual on earth today has it in them to be Successful and Happy.

 The three decades of cross-functional experience in various Global Technology business operations has allowed him to optimize processes, develop superior inter-personal skills and bolt towards project goals in record time. While Satyen has been responsible for creating new markets and opportunities for Technology MNCs as Professional Leader helming the operations; his heart has always been in Empowering Minds as a Coach & Mentor – a journey he started 11 years back in 2011. 

 He’s been absorbent with the insights life has taught him and offers sharper insights about self-awareness and personal accountability with the affection and pride of a guardian. Satyen knows the power of cross-cultural communication and emotional intelligence at work. He has a knack for optimizing the inherent personal strengths in self and in others. 

 He has facilitated several leadership workshops to Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Business. One of his inert passions to be up and close with Academia got him to be in person reaching out to over 7000+ students across various colleges in India helping them recognize the Power of Being Employable (Not just be employed). He has been equally passionate in supporting and assisting women entrepreneurs in India, Nigeria, Johannesburg find their paths to establishing growing businesses. 

 His fans are the everyday entrepreneur, the woman who started her own business, the student who couldn’t figure out his life path, the tired and disillusioned mid-career manager, an enterprise staring at a plateau in business. Satyen lets you find your way to your own answers and trust yourself to make the most powerful decisions. 

 His relentless pursuit and continued Journey to Empowering Minds is a culmination, an inevitability, to take his history, his vast experience across multi domains in businesses, his gut motivations, and passion and plant them firmly in the hopes that our country’s talent can reexamine methods, candidly introspect, and set pragmatic expectations for creating desired success and happiness. 

He can be reached at https://www.linkedin.com/in/satyenparikh/

Contact Details: +919845347782; email: satyen.parikh@gmail.com

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