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82nd Episode: Harnessing the Power of Genetic Testing and Self Healing devices

January 18, 2023 Savitha Hosamane Season 1 Episode 82
Dream 100 Biz show
82nd Episode: Harnessing the Power of Genetic Testing and Self Healing devices
Show Notes

In today’s episode we talk to Ashok Pathak who is the founder of Global Healthcare and Wellness 

Ashok Pathak talks about the significance of Genetic Testing and Self Healing devices for every Individual, family and teams. The vision of Global Healthcare and Wellness is to see Indian people taking care of their health as priority. 

 In this Episode you will learn

  • Why Genetic Testing is important?
  • How you use Genetic testing to improve the ROI of your organisation?
  • How to choose the right Self Healing device for treating health issues?
  • How medicine of frequencies will be Future Medicine?

The founder himself has tested the concepts and devices on himself and his family members and now has made it his mission to spread awareness about the health benefits of genetic testing, stemcell banking  and Self-healing devices called Healy.
He has received 15 trophies in the past 12 years for different achievements. 
and conducted  Genetical profiling for number of film,sports and political personalities. He says that Genetic testing is once in lifetime test for better lifestyle management 
For Frequency medicine, he is working with HEALY. This medical device is USFDA CLEARED and available 45 country

Ashok Pathak is a  Post graduate in agriculture who went for further studies in Israel and U.K on health ground and changed his business profile. He is very active in stock trading and investing

 Connect with Ashok Pathak at

globalhealthcareandwellness@gmail.com or Call  +91 98250 50881

Visit https://globalhealthcareindia.in

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