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123rd Episode : The Power to change Mind Perspectives with Founder Powerful Perspectives - Yatin Samant

November 01, 2023 Savitha Hosamane Season 1 Episode 123
Dream 100 Biz show
123rd Episode : The Power to change Mind Perspectives with Founder Powerful Perspectives - Yatin Samant
Show Notes

In this transformative episode we speak to Yatin Samant, founder of Powerful Perspectives, a Leadership Development venture. He is a a seasoned professional with over 34 years of corporate experience and a visionary leader in various industries.

 Here's what you can learn from listening to this episode: 

  • Recognize the importance of mindset in personal development 
  • How being "severely underleveraged" affect our potential?
  • What are Signs of Mind dis-orientation?
  • How individuals can start making a shift in their mindset?
  • How Leaders can lead driving Powerful perspectives?
  • How Outside-In and Inside-Out pathway works in personal development?

By listening to this episode, you will gain profound insights into leadership, personal development, and empowerment, drawing from Yatin s wealth of experience and wisdom.

Yatin is an Engineer & a Business Management post graduate, with more than 34 years of Corporate working across a diverse set ofindustries in India and Asia Pacific;of which he headed Organisations & businesses as CEO/ Managing Director for about 20 years 

He has served on Board of renowned organization in education field

 Yatin is a credential, Personal Coach since 2012 & has been a visiting faculty at renowned Management Institutes in Bangalore

Adding value to people – making meaningful difference has been a passion with Yatin.

With his conviction that Leadership challenge is not Talent, but a Perspective deficit, Yatin formed his Leadership Development venture - Powerful Perspectives, where he uniquely works on ‘ Inside-Out’ learning pathway to invoke (i) High Clarity , (ii) Deeper Insights & (iii) Alternative Perspectives , to help individuals & entities feel empowered to transform their world to succeed professionally & be personally fulfilled

Yatin has been writing since his school days – he regularly writes on LinkedIn and has 3( Marathi ) books already published 

This book is first in the planned series of 3 books, based on his extensive work & profound understanding of Human Development 

Yatin's Profile
email : yatinsamant@yahoo.co.uk

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