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125th Episode : Life Wisdom Coaching for Ultimate Happiness with Sriram S. Founder - Our Happiness Matters

November 15, 2023 Savitha Hosamane Season 1 Episode 125
Dream 100 Biz show
125th Episode : Life Wisdom Coaching for Ultimate Happiness with Sriram S. Founder - Our Happiness Matters
Show Notes

In this transformative episode we speak to Sriram S, founder of Our Happiness matters, 
 Here's what you can learn from listening to this episode: 

  • Recognize the importance of purpose in personal development 
  • How to identify unique happiness habits ?
  • Challenges people face when trying to establish happiness habits 
  • Transforming success story after incorporating happiness habits 
  • How to integrate happiness habits into the workplace 
  • What benefits organizations gain from promoting employee happiness 

By listening to this  insightful conversation with Sriram your can gain guidelines to leading a happier, more fulfilling life 
Sriram is an award-winning thought leader and certified NLP, mindfulness, and life wisdom coach, Sriram actively promotes the role of human-first and is on a mission to help companies create happy, holistic, human-centric workplaces. His novel, science-backed, human-first approach can radically transform the world of work, beating burnout and enhancing productivity.

He has driven Happiness@Work in his role as the Director & Head of HR. Under Sriram’s leadership, HR teams have  won several awards for Leading Practices in Benefits, Learning & Development, and Health & Wellness. Sriram was recently awarded first place at the national level for his White Paper on Happiness@Work.

As the Chief Happiness Expert at Our Happiness Matters, he consults, speaks, and coaches individuals and organizations on Happiness@Work. His structured interventions such as the DRIVE framework are designed to create an effective, engaging, experiential employee experience framework that individualizes the entire spectrum of interactions between the company and its workforce. 

Sriram's Profile
email : srsriram.06@gmail.com

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